Our mission at the Bergen County Horse Rescue is to rehabilitate and protect neglected horses with the assistance of local animal control officers and veterinarians.


The mind, body, and soul of our horses are what we care about and strive to preserve, and it is our responsibility to provide the proper nourishment for each horse according to the horse’s individual conditions and needs. We make sure this happens by implementing specific health plans and reconditioning programs that strengthen and elevate the mind, body and soul of every horse. 

Though various methods are used to improve horse health, the main support horses need is an environment where they can commingle and receive love and care from humans. Horses enrich the lives of many people, so our aspiration is to encourage humanity to invest some thought in these beautiful, sensitive and, unfortunately, mistreated animals. 

We dedicate our work to our original rescue horses that started us on this journey.
— Erin Giannios, President of BCHR


What We've Achieved

  • We have rescued 9 horses, 1 mule and 2 minis since our official inception.

  • Prior to the start of the rescue, the farm took in 10 horses in need of rescue.

  • We operate on and maintain 17 acres of land.

  • We are striving to become self sufficient by growing our own vegetables and herbs for our animals. We planted apple trees and hope to have a small orchard.

  • Some of our horses are able to open gates, locks, and stall doors!

  • Our horses are in their turnouts 23 hours a day except in bad weather.

  • Horses are herd animals and we decide which herd a new horse will be introduced based on disposition.