Sponsor Your Favorite BCHR Rescue

Do you have a favorite horse at the rescue that you would like to support? Each month we’ll feature a horse available for sponsorship. Your $100 donation will provide hay, grain and shoes for the designated horse for the month

You may certainly continue sponsorship of your horse beyond the designated month.


Fall Sponsorship Horse


This gorgeous paint is somewhat shy but always alert, and keeps a close eye on everything that takes place at the rescue.
Patches is one of our original horses and has welcomed many of our new rescues when they arrive at the farm.
He is a diplomatic leader and keeps the peace among the boys in the front turnout.
He loves to have his head scratched and often plays horse games with Leo!



When people say they love horses, they’re usually referring to ponies or minis, or to those lovely wild creatures sprinting in neat herds across spacious green fields. They’re usually not referring to large, often clumsy draft horses. But for Nicki Lawrence of Newburgh, N.Y., this breed captured her heart.

“I really fell in love with the gentleness and size of the breed,” says Lawrence, a former vet tech and mother of four, who worked part-time with Belgians at a private farm.

Despite their intimidating size, Belgian draft horses are known to be kind and easy to handle, and can actually be ridden. When BCHR founder Erin Giannios heard about a neglected Belgian in New Jersey, she immediately thought of Lawrence for sponsorship and to help with the rescue, as Lawrence had also volunteered at Mahrapo Farm years before.

“I wanted to help him in any way possible,” said Lawrence when she heard about Ben. 

Ben and Lawrence have bonded quickly, and Lawrence enjoys all aspects of his care, including riding. A very large, black saddle and enormous halter now sit in the farm’s tack room among the regular-sized saddles.

“It’s such a beneficial relationship for both of us, and I just adore him,” says Lawrence. “Everyone at BCHR really opened themselves to him and have taken the best care of him.”